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 * [[SummerOfCode2010/PackagesDebianOrgExtractionImprovements]]: Rewrite the packages.debian.org extraction scripts for push triggers and multiple repositories

The main page is at SummerOfCode2010. This page contains ideas and proposals and information for applying.


I am a student

You have until April 9, 12 noon PDT / 19:00 UTC to contact us and to apply on the Google Summer of Code application.

Familiarize yourself with the communication tools of Debian:

  • IRC on general or team development channels

  • the general and particular Mailing-lists of various teams

  • this wiki

Join the communication channels of the teams or persons involved with the subject you would like to work on and discuss it. Don't be afraid to suggest seemingly crazy or vague ideas, we'll help you and give you suggestions. If you're lost (or even not!), drop in the communication channels of the Summer of Code team mentioned below. Remember that early preparation is a guarantee that your proposal will be better!

There is some interesting introductory documentation on this wiki about what Debian is and what Debian is for a developer. A lot of information about being a Summer of Code student can be found on the Advice for students page.

We also have a template that we would recommend students to use for their application: application template

I am a Debian developer

Your help is much needed from general organization to individual mentoring. Come see us on IRC or on the mailing-list mentioned below.

This year, we want to improve the communication between Summer of Code projects and the whole Debian community during the whole Summer of Code program, from student/project selection to final code integration into production through testing and feedback.

A lot of information can be found on the Advice for mentors page. A practical mentoring guide can be found here.



Fill in ?the proposal template and copy the contents to a sub page to SummerOfCode2010 and link to it from here.

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