Brief notes

TODO from (former upstream

bug numbers is on

- [3.0 should] package auth (see CheckAuth in
- [3.0 should] the screen changes during commit progress need to be fixed
- [3.0 could] apply/revert/... buttons should have icons
- [3.0 should] app icon: Icon=system-software-update as a suggestion
- [3.0 should] append XP<search-line> (if it has no spaces, etc in it) to the
  Xapian search to get package name hits ; try with app-install-data (#170840)
- add dependency on app-install-data or something... probably a Recommends?
- [3.0 should] #170821, #170823, #170824, #170835
- [3.1 could] #170825
- [3.0 should] improve scrolling in package view (need per-pixel scroll, not
  per-item and also see #170838)
- [3.0 could] initial window sizing (#170841)
- [3.1] multi-package actions (#170842)
- [3.1] enter to cycle available package actions (improves keyboard usability;
from alpha6 announcement...
- Sometimes, it seems that the installer search manages to break the
  layout. Change the search text and try again, it might fix itself. If you
  find a way to reproduce, please let me know!
- The installer search is still a little wonky at times (and maybe slow,
  dunno). And when there are no results, it keeps whatever groups there were
  before, they are just all empty. Oops.
- instead of deleting the progressbars after item has finished downloading,
  maybe keep a list of orphans and re-use them; time out items unused after a
  few seconds...
- [3.1 could] when running in callgrind, "reading state information" can be
  seen to jump to 100% every other update... Duh. Seems to be a
  valgrind/callgrind-only glitch.
- [3.1 should] scrolling in download view is borkish
- [3.1 should] suite selector in installer
- [3.1 should] package tags in details?
- [3.1 could] do not gray out the current active view in sidebar when applying?
- [3.1 could] add feedback saying "N additional results, maybe
- [3.1] auto-completion (as suggested by Enrico)
- [3.1] clickable facets, sliding out an extra column between filter and
  packages with all tags in the facet
- [3.1] an "all facets..." clickable label at the bottom of tag list, sliding
  out like above, but with all facets
- [3.1] autoremove?
- [3.1] free space check for download
- [3.1] free space check for installing
- [3.1] manipulating hold status of packages
- [3.1] version selection
- [3.1] option to disable automatic recommends installation
- [3.1] check for download failures other than "total failure"; possibly
   prompt for doing a partial installation of what we have?
- [3.1] commit cancellation -> kill current operation and run recovery
- [3.1] dpkg transcript (#170836, #170839)
- [3.1 could] use solid to check for network access (#170837)
- [3.1 could] export KDE proxy settings to the http/ftp fetchers
- [3.1, 3.2?] some sort of browsing (as opposed to search) mode
- [3.1 or later] get rid of the semi-busy waiting... how?
- [3.1] do something about getRecord exceptions when files disappear...
   (treat this as database being out of sync? or better treat it as
   nonfatal error and ignore it? or hold everything open all time)
- [3.2] maybe introduce a "warning" system in addition to fatal (thrown)
- package relationships

code - "adept-3" and "ept-work" are the interesting ones

There's some patches in Kubuntu packages as well, that's not in the above repos.


ept-work is the UI-independent portion of Adept, mostly

it talks thru libapt-pkg (apt library) and xapian for full text search.