Mylyn plugin for Debbugs

Mylyn is an Eclipse plugin (a GUI environment) allowing the management of tasks stored in bugtrackers. It is meant to maximize productivity of the developer using Eclipse in order to avoid changing tools between activities like development and bug fixing.

Mylyn has various plugins to access various bugtrackers, but I don't think that any exists for debbugs, the Debian bugtracker (running at

There may not be many Debian developers using Eclipse, so it may not be the preferred engine to manage Debian bugs, but on the other hand Mylyn offers a nice GUI for bug management in general. It may be an interesting alternative to existing tools like bug-triage.

The debbugs server may not support directly at the moment all tools to manage bugs with a synchronous interface, since modification of bugs is mostly done through asynchronous messages (email). Such a protocol may be quite novel for Mylyn, then. Of course, if a Web interface is developped for debbugs, this may change.

The candidate will definitely need to be familiar with Java and the architecture of Eclipse to be fully operational.

Institut Télécom (through Olivier Berger's involvement as a potential mentor) may partly "physically host" the work of a candidate (spending some days in our labs on the campus in Evry, France, having regular meetings with our team working on the Helios project, etc.), in order to make sure he/she won't work completely isolated, and that continuous progress would be made on the project.