Mentor: martin f. krafft

Summary: bring netconf towards version 1.0, according to the roadmap. This involves quite a bit of coding, but also conceptual work, spanning interprocess communication and interaction with the kernel and the rest of the system.

Required skills:

Description: netconf is a network configuration management system designed with modern network infrastructures and the needs of roaming users in mind. It is currently implemented in Python for easy prototyping, but will eventually be ported to C++. It is an event-driven, threadless framework.

Most of the design has been completed, and the code has to be fleshed out, exception handling needs to be added in places, and interface definitions refined. However, several items on the roadmap need conceptual work before code can be written.

I cannot find enough time to work on netconf regularly, because I work in bursts and can't see myself allocating longer spans of time for this before DebConf8. However, in order to make it appear in Debian lenny, it needs attention. Unfortunately, so far, netconf has not attracted other contributors because of the early stage of its codebase.

I can set aside several hours per week for mentoring and would very much like to work with someone experienced enough to work independently, capable to work with others, and unafraid to make decisions and argue for them.