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Hello $NAME,

I am writing to you because I wanted to express that we are sorry we could not choose your applications for GSoC. We have received over 53 applications, which means that we had to pass on many proposals. We appreciate all the time and effort that you put in this year, and we'd like to let you know that there's always room for contributors in the Debian community.

Below, I will try to give you an insight into our selection process, maybe you find something useful in there and also understand our decisions on the projects that made it.

For all the applications we've use the following criteria on our selection: - That the project is useful for our project and community,

- That the project is relevant for Debian, such as improves the work of the developer community, or the operating system. We are not looking for specific oriented apps.

- Good application design, which evaluates:

  • Clear goal on what you want to achieve,
  • Good design (no NIH, uses available resources, clean design)
  • Clear set of fine grained tasks
  • Estimation of time required for tasks
  • timeline and milestones

It's also important for you to show us that you have been already organised and prepared to work, have looked into the problem thoroughly, and have shown to have the skills.

Based on that I'd like to point out the areas which you might need to improve, so you will have more chances on the next time.

Areas to improve: - - - -

Besides that I encourage you to keep around our developer community and involve yourself on our different projects and teams[0].


We also want to note that working on a project you love is a richly rewarding experience.

  • Students who contribute to open source get more experience programming, working in teams, and communicating with real users.
  • For any corner of computer science you might be interested in, there is a corresponding piece of free software for you to work on. Or you can revolutionize the world with your own unique ideas!
  • Businesses all over the world use free software to solve their problems. Having experience on free software teams is great for your resume.
  • If you are planning on applying for Summer of Code 2009, a proven track record in the Debian community is very helpful!
  • The Debian community is warm, welcoming, and fun. You will find many people who are really friendly and helpful.

Again, thanks for showing an interest in working with the Debian community. Keep up the good ideas, good luck with school, and we hope to see you around soon!

-The Debian Google Summer of Code Team