This wiki page is created to make it easier to plan and coordinate Debian's involvement in the Google Summer of Code 2008.

You can read about previous Debian participation in Summer of Code: in SummerOfCode2007 and SummerOfCode2006.

The current Google Summer of Code 2010 at Debian is covered at SummerOfCode2010.


(as with all GSoC deadlines, expect these to be a little fluid... :) )

Mailing list and IRC

We're also on IRC: #debian-soc in the OFTC network ( Just drop in and ask your questions. Of course you can also ask in other Debian IRC channels.

Google's Summer of Code IRC channel ist #gsoc in Freenode.

Accepted projects

Project proposals

Note: these were just idea proposals. Students were welcome to submit a different project, and they were expected to work out the proposals for their actual application. These are not complete applications to just copy & paste; there is a template below.

Template for student applications

See ?SummerOfCode2008/StudentApplicationTemplate for hints on what information you should provide.

Remember: the application needs to show us that you're the best student for this project, and that you're going to do a great job.

Applications will be submitted at Google according to their timeline, obviously. Link is above.




SteveMcIntyre is the lead admin again this year, and will deal with the administrative stuff with Google for Debian to be a mentoring organisation. He has applied formally on our behalf. Other admins include: