Summer of Code 2007 Ideas List

Suggested GSoC Projects

  1. Improvements to piuparts

  2. Testing system upgrades automatically using QEMU

  3. Create a collaborative repository of meta-informations (CRMI) about sources packages (including upstream URL, URL of upstream VCS, URL of upstream BTS, debian/watch file, etc.) on top of Mole. More info

  4. Full support of udebs

  5. OVAL agent to make it possible to control security update status for clusters of Debian systems

  6. Common security checks tool, to provide host-level security checks for the default Debian systems.

  7. Automatic Security Review lintian-like portal.

  8. apt-checkpoint Revive the apt-checkpoint project sourceforge for safer/better end-user experience when upgrading to testing

  9. Implement the Custom Debian Distributions Toolkit (CDDT)

  10. R/CRAN/BioC Improvements and extension to the R CRAN / BioC packaging project hosted on Alioth

  11. Implement a GUI frontend for live-helper for building Debian Live systems

  12. Debian CD Tester A program to sanity-check Debian CD and DVD images, like lintian/linda do for packages.

  13. Website cleanup Clean up and integrate the wiki(s).

  14. Embedded Debian Help emdebianize debian packages and work on tools to make it possible to (cross) build useful mini-debian systems for handhelds and embedded systems.

  15. Kernel configuration management tool A tool to manage the debian kernel configuration files.

  16. SELinux policies for package installation scripts
  17. SELinux policies for Debian scripts such as update-menus, update-alternatives etc.
  18. Biometrical authentication in Debian.

  19. OpenID support in Alioth - Single Sign On for Debian services.

  20. bug submission and manipulation web-based user interface for debbugs, the Debian Bug Tracking System. (More info ...)

  21. Adding support for upgrading single and multi-site webapps packages

  22. Improve usability of apt tools (synaptic, aptitude); for instance, implement some of the suggestions made here.

  23. Improve Debian Installer usability

Mentors for other projects