Summer of Code 2007


This wiki page is created to make it easier to plan and coordinate Debian's involvement in the [ Google Summer of Code 2007].

Current Status (2007/03/09)


(see [ Google's FAQ])

Contact info

For information on how to register to be a mentor, contact Steve or Zack. Please note that you should not register as a mentor if you intend to participate as a student.

For students, if you have questions or want to discuss the project you want to do you can mail the admins, discuss it in the debian-project mailing list, or join the #debian-soc channel on

If you would like to work on one of the projects below, as a student participating in Google's summer of code, watch this space for details of how to register.

This Year (2007) GSoC Projects

  1. summary of a sample entry (to be removed as soon as a real entry shows up here). [wiki:?/SampleProposal more info]

  2. [wiki:/PiupartsImprovements Improvements to piuparts]

  3. [wiki:/SystemUpgradeTesting Testing system upgrades automatically using QEMU]

Last Year (2006) GSoC Projects

If you're interested in one of the project below please promote it to the list above, filling the corresponding subpage with additional info.

Possible Projects (in () possible mentors)

(also see [ the general TODO list] and the EtchTODOList)


Package management

Individual packages

New applications





Mentors for other projects

Some information on what being a good mentor entails can be found here

Infrastructure Provided to Students

As development must happen in the open, students of Debian projects will either receive access to existing source control repositories or setup an Alioth project. Alioth is a ?SourceForge like resource provided by Debian with access to Subversion/Arch/CVS repositories and services like bug tracking and mailing lists. The student is also expected to maintain a webpage or a wiki page to keep everyone updates about his status.