Summer of Code 2007

This wiki page is created to make it easier to plan and coordinate Debian's involvement in the [ Google Summer of Code 2007].

Current Status (2007/03/09)

We've applied with Google to take part in the Summer of Code 2007. Our two current admins are SteveMcIntyre <> and StefanoZacchiroli <>; if last year is anything to go by, we'll probably add more admins later once the programme is up and running.

At this point, we have not nominated any specific mentors as part of our application; we expect to add more mentors shortly as people get in touch. If you want to be a mentor, please contact Steve and Zack above. If you have ideas for projects that you'd like to oversee, please add them to the list below. As a starting list, we've copied in the list of projects from this time last year already.

See the timeline below; we'll hear if we have been accepted as an organization within the next few days.


(see [ Google's FAQ])

March 5: Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google

March 12: Mentoring organization application deadline

March 13: Google program administrators review organization applications

March 14: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on; student application period opens

March 24: Student application deadline

Interim Period: Mentoring organizations review and rank student proposals; where necessary, mentoring organizations may request further proposal detail from the student applicant

April 9: List of accepted student applications published on

Interim Period: Students learn more about their project communities

May 28: Students begin coding for their GSoC projects; Google begins issuing initial student payments

Interim Period: Mentors give students a helping hand and guidance on their projects

July 9: Students upload code to; mentors begin mid-term evaluations

July 16: Mid-term evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing mid-term student payments

August 20: Students upload code to; mentors begin final evaluations; students begin final program evaluations

August 31: Final evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing student and mentoring organization payments

Contact info

For information on how to register to be a mentor, contact Steve or Zack. Please note that you should not register as a mentor if you intend to participate as a student.

For students, if you have questions or want to discuss the project you want to do you can mail the admins, discuss it in the debian-project mailing list, or join the #debian-soc channel on

If you would like to work on one of the projects below, as a student participating in Google's summer of code, watch this space for details of how to register.

Possible Projects (in () possible mentors)

(also see [ the general TODO list] and the EtchTODOList)


Package management

Individual packages

New applications





Mentors for other projects

Some information on what being a good mentor entails can be found here

Infrastructure Provided to Students

As development must happen in the open, students of Debian projects will either receive access to existing source control repositories or setup an Alioth project. Alioth is a ?SourceForge like resource provided by Debian with access to Subversion/Arch/CVS repositories and services like bug tracking and mailing lists. The student is also expected to maintain a webpage or a wiki page to keep everyone updates about his status.