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And please sign yourself up on the coordination list at http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/soc-coordination

Summer of Code 2007


This wiki page is created to make it easier to plan and coordinate Debian's involvement in the [http://code.google.com/soc/ Google Summer of Code 2007].

Current Status (2007-03-29)

  • We've been accepted to take part in the Summer of Code 2007. Our

    two current admins are SteveMcIntyre and StefanoZacchiroli.

  • We've received around 90 student applications that now have to be reviewed and ranked by the mentors.
  • We are asking Google to aprove 20 projects for us, but we might not get that many.


see [http://code.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=60325 Timeline in the Google's FAQ]

Mentors and ideas

To register as a mentor, follow [http://groups.google.com/group/google-summer-of-code-announce/web/guide-to-the-gsoc-web-app-for-mentors-and-organization-administrators this process] on the Google site. Please note that you can't register as a mentor if you applied as a student.

Also add yourself to the page here, either with your project idea(s) or in the 'other' list at the bottom.

And please sign yourself up on the coordination list at http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/soc-coordination


Student sign-up is now closed.

If you have questions or want to discuss the project you want to do you can mail the admins, come and find us. Discuss it in the debian-project mailing list, or join the #debian-soc channel on irc.debian.org.

Suggested GSoC Projects

  1. [wiki:/PiupartsImprovements Improvements to piuparts]

  2. [wiki:/SystemUpgradeTesting Testing system upgrades automatically using QEMU]

  3. Create a collaborative repository of meta-informations (["CRMI"]) about sources packages (including upstream URL, URL of upstream VCS, URL of upstream BTS, debian/watch file, etc.) on top of ["Mole"]. [wiki:/MoleAndCRMI More info]
  4. [wiki:/udebSupport Full support of udebs]
  5. [wiki:/ovalagent OVAL agent] to make it possible to control security update status for clusters of Debian systems
  6. [wiki:/commonsecuritychecks Common security checks] tool, to provide host-level security checks for the default Debian systems.
  7. [wiki:/autosecreview Automatic Security Review] lintian-like portal.
  8. [wiki:/AptCheckpoint apt-checkpoint] Revive the apt-checkpoint project [http://sourceforge.net/projects/apt-checkpoint/ sourceforge] for safer/better end-user experience when upgrading to testing

  9. [wiki:/ImplementTheCDDT Implement the Custom Debian Distributions Toolkit (CDDT)]
  10. [wiki:/RCRANBioC R/CRAN/BioC] Improvements and extension to the R CRAN / BioC packaging project hosted on [http://pkg-bioc.alioth.debian.org Alioth]

  11. [wiki:/live-helper Implement a GUI frontend for live-helper for building Debian Live systems]
  12. [wiki:/DebianCdTester Debian CD Tester] A program to sanity-check Debian CD and DVD images, like lintian/linda do for packages.

  13. [wiki:/WebCleanup Website cleanup] Clean up debian.org and integrate the wiki(s).

  14. [wiki:/EmdebianProposal Embedded Debian] Help emdebianize debian packages and work on tools to make it possible to (cross) build useful mini-debian systems for handhelds and embedded systems.

  15. [wiki:/KernelConfigProposal Kernel configuration management tool] A tool to manage the debian kernel configuration files.

  16. SELinux policies for package installation scripts
  17. SELinux policies for Debian scripts such as update-menus, update-alternatives etc.
  18. [wiki:/FingerForce Biometrical authentication] in Debian.

  19. [wiki:/AliothOpenID OpenID support in Alioth] - Single Sign On for Debian services.
  20. bug submission and manipulation [wiki:/DebbugsWebUI web-based user interface for debbugs], the Debian Bug Tracking System. [wiki:/DebbugsWebUI (More info ...)]
  21. [wiki:/WebAppsTools Adding support for upgrading single and multi-site webapps packages]

  22. Improve usability of apt tools (synaptic, aptitude); for instance, implement some of the suggestions made [http://lambdaman.blogspot.com/2007/01/package-management-usability.html here].

  23. [wiki:/DebianInstallerUsability Improve Debian Installer usability]

Mentors for other projects

Some information on what being a good mentor entails can be found here http://primates.ximian.com/~federico/docs/summer-of-code-mentoring-howto/index.html

Infrastructure Provided to Students

As development must happen in the open, students of Debian projects will either receive access to existing source control repositories or setup an Alioth project. Alioth is a ?SourceForge like resource provided by Debian with access to Subversion/Arch/CVS repositories and services like bug tracking and mailing lists. The students are also expected to maintain a webpage or a wiki page to keep everyone up to date on their status.