Proposal title

This project has quite wide scope for the applicant as there are numerous area of work on which they could concentrate. Emdebian currently has working cross-toolchains and build tools to implement our build, patch and naming mechanisms. It also has a few emdebianised target packages. However all of these areas need work, especially the target packages.

Things that need doing are:

As you can see there is plenty to do, covering a wide range of expertise - buildd setup, policy development, pushing far-reaching tool-changes upstream, fighting autoconf and documentation. Applicants could (and probably should) choose to work on a selection of these tasks that interest them and make a manageable lump of work.

Much of the fixes we need can already be found in ?OpenEmbedded, Slind, Maemo and previous emdebian developments.

Debian is in a position to improve cross-building in the same way that it has improved architecture support over the last few years. All packages should cross-build, but many do not for various reasons. Work fixing these is valuable to many people. Implementing a set-up to cross-build debian packages and report bugs on those that fail to build using dpkg-cross and emdebian tools would be excellent. However cross-building is not a necessary part of emdebian. It can be natively built too.