Debian BitTorrent Proxy


BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing application designed to reduce the costs of hardware, hosting and bandwidth resources for the original distributor by allowing downloading peers to share downloaded data with others. This project proposes to create a backend or proxy to the Debian package distribution tool apt, which will allow it to download packages from other users of Debian in a BitTorrent-like manner, thus reducing the costs incurred by the Debian project.

Some of the discussion has already occurred in a previous project (see the 2006 Proposal below), and identified these concerns with the current BitTorrent implementation:

2006 Proposal

Expand the BitTorrent protocol/application to work effectively with large, constantly updating collections of files such as the Debian archive. Requires a good understanding of P2P protocol design, significant reimplementation of the BitTorrent code, and an ability to think through new protocols (AnthonyTowns)

2007 Applications

CameronDale has applied for this project. More details on the application can be found here, and ideas for implementation can be added to the DebTorrent page.