This wiki page is created to make it easier to plan and coordinate Debian's involvement in the [ Google Summer of Code 2006].


Contact info

Information on how to register to be a mentor was posted to debian-private, contact baruch ( if you need more info. Please note that you should not register as a mentor if you intend to participate as a student.

For students, if you have questions or want to discuss the project you want to do you can mail baruch, discuss it in the debian-project mailing list, or join the #debian-soc channel on OFTC.

Possible Projects (in () possible mentors)

(also see [ the general TODO list] and the EtchTODOList)


Package management

Individual packages

New applications





Mentors for other projects

Check the mails in -private on how to register to be a mentor, to speed things up also email baruch at to notify me of your request so I can accept it.