This is a draft, and need a lot of work before it leave the draft state.

This wiki page is created to make it easier to plan and coordinate Debian's involvement in the [ Google Summer of Code 2006].

[ Request for mentoring organizations] has gone out, and Debian need to move quickly to make it before the May 1st deadline. Mentoring organisations should read the [ mentor FAQ].


Contact info

To be decided. Currently the Admin is Baruch Even, Anthony Towns will be an admin as well once he signs up, he can then distribute admin rights as needed.

Information on how to register to be a mentor was posted to debian-private, contact baruch ( if you need more info. Please note that you should not register as a mentor if you intend to participate as a student.

Possible Projects (in () possible mentors)

(also see [ the general TODO list] and the EtchTODOList)


Package management

Individual packages

New applications


  • Help integrate a coherent SELinux security policy into Etch, see SELinuxStatus
  • Create various variants of the reference policy for specific audiences (server, single user, desktop)
  • Create policy modules for specific packages, or contribute additions back to reference policy
  • Develop an [ OVAL] agent for Debian. Define a mechanism to automaticaly generate OVAL queries from DSAs so that admins can set a central monitoring network (through an OVAL server and distribute OVAL agents) that can determine which systems need security updates. Optionally rate the urgency of the update using [ CVSS] (by CVE-linking with the [ National Vulnerability Database]) (JavierFernandezSanguino)

  • Develop a lintian-like system (i.e. both local tools and a service) to do automatic security review of packages source code and, through a metric, attempt to spot packages with possible security vulnerabilities that need to be reviewed before being released with the testing/stable release (JavierFernandezSanguino)



Mentors for other projects

Check the mails in -private on how to register to be a mentor, to speed things up also email baruch at to notify me of your request so I can accept it.

  • ?AigarsMahinovs - I am a DD and was a participant in SOC 2005, I can mentor students willing to do Debian projects

  • aba (Andi Barth) - projects related to release management, QA, project management
  • Martin Michlmayr (tbm) - projects related to QA, release and project management; possibly also projects related to embedded systems.
  • DirkEddelbuettel - would be glad to mentor and help on R / CRAN related integration

  • StefanoZacchiroli - automated handling of OCaml dependencies (dh_ocaml)

  • DavidMorenoGarza - willing to work on the projects I'm offering to mentor even if they don't get into SOC; if so, please contact me.

  • SergioTalensOliag - will be happy to mentor anyone interested in working on the ["CDDT"].

  • JavierFernandezSanguino - willing to mentor security enhancement or security audit related projects.