Huayruro GNU/Linux

Huayruro is an effort to curate and localize a specialized SugarBlend tailored mainly for deployment within the rural south-american public school context.

Huayruro is a volunteer driven project, started by request of DIGETE / Ministry of Education of Peru, to provide a suitable operating system for deployment in ODATIC Project's laptops.

While ODATIC project itself has been de-prioratized by the Ministry of Education of Peru, the need for Huayruro remains as computers continue to reach children in remote locations.

Peru's prior investment in Sugar (in the form of teacher training and use for years), makes it certain that Huayruro will be both welcomed and used in schools around the country.

Technical Details / Development Objectives

Sugar Activities Wish List

This is a list of Activities that are relevant to Peruvian users



XFCE Desktop functionality wishlist

Desktop Tweaks

XFCE Panel:

XFCE Desktop:



Deployment will involve use of Intel Classmate PC "?MarblePoint", with a few unigue issues:

Collaboration Tools

Project Collaborators

References / Inspiration

Huayruro is a seed which is believed by villagers to have magical properties. Children and infants wear for instance necklaces or wristbands which are given to them by their elders, to protect theirs spirits, their freedom, and their prosperity.