Hi. If you're new to FLOSS (Free Libre OpenSource Software), Linux, or FSF related software and wondering where to go next, email me (mailto:s.keeling@mail.com). I'll either help or try to point you at someone who can. I've been running and using FLOSS since ca. '93 (so I should be able to help by now). Alternatively, ask on IRC. I might be watching.

Since 1990, I've been a programmer, then system administrator, then independent contractor sysadmin (since '96). I like to consider myself a Kulak (self-employed peasant). I've also done some some fairly slick (though not brilliant) perl coding (my preferred environment), and designed and implemented a few databases (and worked with others which already existed). My writing has been published in ?LinuxGazettehttp://linuxgazette.net (fwiw).

I've worked with commercial Unixes as well as the *BSD's, and quite a number of FLOSS distributions. I installed Linux in Sudan (TGNBV; "The Greater Nile Business Venture") to make them legal (US Sanctions Compliant, so Talisman Energy wouldn't get de-listed from the stock exchange). I loved it. I didn't want to come back (and I'd love to go back).

My most recent gigs have been with ?ExxonMobil (1.25 a. with Midrange Engineering, refactoring a front facing security tool (written in ksh) which their people were afraid to touch for fear of breaking it), and a year with a small high-tech startup building a perl to MySQL interface to talk to an RFID tag reader.

Nowadays, I try to find ways to get out of North America. I'm not a social networking kind of guy, but my ?LinkedIn resume's mostly up to date (if that sort of thing interests you). I sometimes do IRC (username mnuhmnuh).

May 2013: a bud has suggested I try to get something going working for the Russian Mafia. :-O I'd rather sell crypto to the Medellin or Cali cartels.

Mar. 2015: Should've taken my bud's advice. I'd rather be in South or Central America, or Polynesia, or Eastern Europe, or Africa.

Thanks Debian

My heartfelt thanks go out to all in the Debian (and Linux, and FLOSS) Universe(s). The people associated have taught me mountains of valuable stuff down through the years, stuff that have made my life even possible in ways.