Hi. If you're new to FLOSS (Free Libre OpenSource Software), Linux, or FSF (aka *nix) related software and wondering where to go next, I suggest you point an IRC client at #debian (for 'stable') or perhaps #debian-next (for 'testing'). They'll/we'll either help or try to point you at someone who can.

At least, that's my intention. I think everyone should be using what I use, because it works. My current box is an HP Core II quad, and the only thing that gets its fans excited is dnetc (http://distributed.net).

I've been running and using FSF/*nix stuff since ca. '80s (remember Ultrix, OSF, AIX, and HP-UX?) and Linux since (ca.?) '93 (so I should be able to help *someone* by now, you'd think :-). I hang (for certain values of 'hang'; think sporadic?) in #debian-next (testing) on irc.oftc.net myself, though I'm still trying to learn IRC (I'm 'mnuhmnuh' :-), the hardest thing I've ever done!?! I'm a friggin' C and perl hacker ("On strike!" : "You'll never get me, copper!"; cf. J. Cagney), and IRC flummoxes me?!? [Sic]. Freaks me out.

Complexity, begone! I once aspired ("have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal") to be a Deb Dev, but I know my limitations, or I know my area. Yeah, I can code, but I'm a better sysadmin. "A (hu)man's gotta know his limitations." No, a man's gotta know where he wants to go, is all.

Please, in IRC ask away. You won't be intruding on my space, if I can find a way to help. It's edumacational, or sumfin. I love this stuff. Have fun! It's a moral imperative. :-)

Thanks Debian

My thanks go out to all in the Debian (and Linux, and FLOSS) Universe. The people associated have taught me mountains of valuable stuff down through the years, stuff that have made my life even possible in ways.

FWIW, I'm a sixties hippie "phreaque". A hippie freak, not a flower child. We hoped to change the world; cf. Sneakers. It's an important distinction.

My favorite environment is a command line or a text editor, and these days irssi.