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 * [[LVM]]

Stefan Eggers

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  • DisksHorsesBirdsAndBees - fill in information about mounting; page is mostly empty right now

  • fr/Quota - factor out acl usage

  • fr/Quota - translate to English

  • gnome-chinese-input - check if still valid for at least oldstable; update it for Squeeze

  • Init - say a bit more about runlevels and inittab content

  • initramfs - add some info about building a new/updated one and customizing it

  • LVM - add some useful real world uses like resizing volumes, moving data from disk to disk, snapshots

  • SSH - merge in content of fr/SSH

  • udev - how to make NIC not renamed on cloned VM

  • udev - rules can also have action "+=" (e.g. for SCSI timeout in a VM)

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