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Current Issues Affecting Testing

See also the debian-testing mailing list archive.

Workarounds for Current Problems

Problem-Description (date of occurence)

(currently none)


From the Debian Security FAQ:

The Debian testing security team handles issues for testing. They will make sure that the fixed packages enter testing in the usual way by migration from unstable (with reduced quarantine time), or, if that still takes too long, make them available via the normal infrastructure.

Note that this doesn't guarantee that all known security bugs are fixed in testing! Some updated packages might be waiting for transition to testing. More information about the security infrastructure for testing can be found at

Thus, there is security support for testing, but in general it cannot be expected to be of the same quality as for stable:

In order to have a secure testing installation, you must run apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade to update your system on a regular basis and have the following in your SourcesList:

See the security page for information about keeping your Debian install secure.