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Current Issues Affecting Testing

Please note that this page is not updated regularly.

See also the debian-testing mailing list archive.

Workarounds for Current Problems

Problem-Description (date of occurrence)

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From the Debian Security FAQ:

Security for testing benefits from the security efforts of the entire project for unstable. However, there is a minimum two-day migration delay, and sometimes security fixes can be held up by transitions. The Security Team helps to move along those transitions holding back important security uploads, but this is not always possible and delays may occur. Especially in the months after a new stable release, when many new versions are uploaded to unstable, security fixes for testing may lag behind. If you want to have a secure (and stable) server you are strongly encouraged to stay with stable.

A testing-security repository does exist, but it is usually empty, and it is very, very unlikely to not be empty. It is there primarily so that people who intend to stay with trixie after the release can have trixie-security in their SourcesList so that they receive security updates after the release happens.

However the repository may get updates for serious issues, especially during the later freeze time close to a new stable release, or during long transitions, so people who have testing in their SourcesList (rather than the latest code name) should also consider adding the testing-security repository.

See the security page for information about keeping your Debian install secure.