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 * Master Thesis by [[GaudenzSteinlin]]: [[http://gaudenz.durcheinandertal.ch/thesis | Cooperation in Open Source Developement. An Empirical Study of the Debian Project.]] (Some information including a presentation at DebConf9 in English, Thesis only available in German).
 * '''[[http://gaudenz.durcheinandertal.ch/thesis|Cooperation in Open Source Development. An Empirical Study of the Debian Project]]''' by [[GaudenzSteinlin|Gaudenz Steinlin]] (Master Thesis in German). Some information [[http://penta.debconf.org/dc9_schedule/events/456.en.html|presented at DebConf9]] in English.

This is the place to gather all statistics about Debian.

Debian mirrors usage stats

Create new statistics

  • Number of existing packages
  • Repository sizes and traffic
  • Install CDs downloads
  • http://www.debian.org website hits

  • Debian releases timeline
  • ...

Data sources

Scientific papers with statistics about Debian