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Discussions circa 2022-03-22, reaching a consensus on using Static-Built-Using for both the Debian Rust and Go teams

   1 Mar 21 20:30:33 <foka>  Hello from the Go packaging team!  I have a question that I'd like to seek your advice:
   2                         https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianGoTeam/2020/GoEcosystemIssues
   3 Mar 21 20:33:20 <foka>  For unstable->testing migration, we need to know what needs to be rebuilt (binNMU).
   4                         Currently, the Go Team know it by using Built-Using: field.
   5                         This is generated by dh_golang at build time, using ${misc:Built-Using} substvar.
   6                         However, the use of Built-Using for this purpose is apparently a policy violation.
   7 Mar 21 20:33:52 <foka>  The field used by you the Rust Package Team is "X-Cargo-Built-Using" which is much more correct.
   8 Mar 21 20:36:38 <foka>  The question posed by fellow Go Team members is:
   9                         It would make sense for both the Rust and the Go packaging teams to to use the same field,
  10                         say "X-Static-Built-Using", as we might then share tooling.
  11                         That said, we understand that you might not want to do s/X-Cargo-Built-Using/X-Static-Built-Using/ for all Rust packages,
  12                         and if so, the Go team could just use X-Go-Built-Using, and tooling can check "X-[^-]+-Built-Using" instead.

to be continued...

Transitioning from Built-Using to Static-Built-Using