Stable-proposed-updates is an apt repository that contains the files that are being prepared for the next Debian/Stable point release.

[:DebianReleases/PointReleases:Points releases] are meant to fix serious and security bugs in Debian/Stable. Debian/Etch 4.0r4 point release (name [:EtchAndAHalf:Etch and a half]) will be the first point release to introduce improved hardware support in a point release.

The packages in this repository are not yet part of the [:DebianStable:stable] distribution, as the new versions of the packages needs to be reviewed (by the release manager) and tested (by some user).

Using stable-proposed-updates

Official statement : As mentioned above, stable-proposed-updates isn't yet officially part of Debian/Stable and one should not assume is has the same quality and stability.

Unofficial statement : However, the quality is usually very high (It should still be considered higher quality than [:DebianTesting:Debian/Testing], ["Backports"], etc...

Using Synaptic

Using sources.list

   deb stable-proposed-updates main

As usually, run aptitude update and install those updates.

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