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Debian Releases > Stable Proposed Updates

Stable-proposed-updates is an apt repository that contains the files that are being prepared for the next Debian/Stable point release. (read more on

Using stable-proposed-updates


Official statement : As mentioned above, packages in stable-proposed-updates aren't yet officially part of Debian Stable and one should not assume they have the same quality and stability (yet!). Those new versions of the packages needs to be reviewed (by the stable release manager) and tested (by some users) before entering stable.

Unofficial statement : However, the quality is usually very high (It should still be considered higher quality than Debian Testing, Backports... ) You are welcome to test those updates if you can recover minor problems (but don't test on production servers ;-).

Repository name

The same way stable is an alias for the current distribution (bookworm), stable-proposed-updates is a link to current stable distribution updates (bookworm-proposed-updates). Be consistent when you use them.

Using Synaptic

Using sources.list

Alternatively you can :

   deb stable-proposed-updates main

As usually, run aptitude update and install the updates.


stable + proposed-updates ?

*-proposed-updates isn't a standalone repository. You should have both stable and stable-proposed-updates repositories enabled. (*-proposed-updates only contains the subset of packages that are going to be updated).

Apt pinning for stable-proposed-updates

The apt pinning is by default the same level as stable. To only install certain packages from stable-proposed-updated, the apt-preferences first needs to decrease the default pin, then set a specific package pin:

Package: *
Pin: release a=proposed-updates
Pin-Priority: 100

Package: fdroidserver
Pin: release a=proposed-updates
Pin-Priority: 500
Uploading to stable-proposed-updates

seedevelopers-reference's Special case: uploads to the stable and oldstable distributions (especially the bit about filing a bug against to discuss your changes before uploading)

What's planned for the next point release ?
You can have a look at :

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