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SquirrelMail in Debian

SquirrelMail is a GPL Webmail project, with aims to be complete but not have high requirements on server or client (browser). See

This page contains some notes about SquirrelMail specific to the Debian packaging.

The following versions are available:


The translations are packaged separately in the 'squirrelmail-locales' package. Install it if your users want their interfaces in something other than English. more info

You need to have the locales you want to use configured on your Debian system. The easiest way is to run dpkg-reconfigure locales and select those languages you want to provide (currently, stable SquirrelMail does not work with '@euro' suffixes). It's sometimes necessary to reload Apache to see the changes.

Character sets

Are your clients using exotic character sets, e.g. from east-Asia? Install the 'squirrelmail-decode' package for extra character set support (Etch and up). more info


Upstream provides documentation on their website, including FAQ's, performance and security tuning. Happy SquirrelMailing!