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=== 2017 ===

 * [[Sprints/2017/DebianMed|Debian Med 2017 Sprint in Bucurest]] (Jan 12-16)

Debian Sprints

"Sprints" are developer meetings to work on specific parts of Debian and having fun doing so.

Volunteers contribute their own free time, enthusiasm, and work; Debian tries hard to support sprints financially, although that is possible only thank to generous donations to Debian from people and other entities who care about Debian.


  • check the sprint HOWTO for information on how to organize a sprint

  • frequently used / "Debian-friendly" venues (e.g. venues who have in the past offered for free or discount venues to hold Debian sprints)

For all other information about the sprint program, please get in touch with the debian-sprints mailing list.


  • you can support Debian sprints with your donations to the Debian project

New Sprint

To create a new page for a sprint, enter the name of your team or topic of the sprint using CamelCase and press the button. Once you have filled in the template, please add a link to it in the list below.



  • ?Debian Med 2017 Sprint in Bucurest (Jan 12-16)










Please contact the DPL at <leader@debian.org> for comments about the sprint program.


  • Thanks to KDE e.V. and in particular to Cornelius Schumacher and Alexandra Leisse for sharing their experience (and documentation!) on the KDE e.V. sprint program.

  • Thanks to Junta de Extremadura, which first introduced the notion of development sprints in Debian, under the name of Extremadura work sessions

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