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 * [[Sprints/2011/WwwSprint]] (forthcoming / in preparation)
 * [[Sprints/2011/SecuritySprint]] (forthcoming / in preparation)
 * [[Sprints/2011/DebianMedSprint]] (forthcoming / in preparation)
 * [[Sprints/2011/EmdebianSprint]] (forthcoming / in preparation)
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 * [[Sprints/EmdebianSprint2010|Embedded and ARM]] sprint: [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2010/11/msg00003.html| ARM announcement]] [[http://lists.debian.org/debian-embedded/2010/11/msg00005.html|Embedded announcement]]

=== In preparation ===

Forthcoming sprints, still in preparation:

 * [[Sprints/2011/DebianMedSprint]]
 * [[Sprints/2011/EmdebianSprint]]

Debian Sprints

"Sprints" are developer meetings to work on specific parts of Debian and having fun doing so.

Volunteers contribute their own free time, enthusiasm, and work; Debian tries hard to support sprints financially, although that is possible only thank to generous donations to Debian from people and other entities who care about Debian.


  • check the sprint HOWTO for information on how to organize a sprint

  • frequently used / "Debian-friendly" venues (e.g. venues who have in the past offered for free or discount venues to hold Debian sprints)

Sprint list


Note: before this mark, information about past sprints have been collected here in an ad-hoc manner by the DPL, while the best practices detailed above were being drafted.


Please contact the DPL at <leader@debian.org> for comments about the sprint program.


  • Thanks to KDE e.V. and in particular to Cornelius Schumacher and Alexandra Leisse for sharing their experience (and documentation!) on the KDE e.V. sprint program.

  • Thanks to Junta de Extremadura, which first introduced the notion of development sprints in Debian, under the name of Extremadura work sessions