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 2. NicolasDandrimont - 500 Euros [DPL approval pending]  2. NicolasDandrimont - 500 Euros [DPL approval: https://lists.debian.org/debconf-video/2020/01/msg00005.html]
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 * Report: (e.g. link to lists.d.o archives)  * Report: https://blog.olasd.eu/2020/02/minidebcamp-fosdem-2020/

DebConf Video Team Sprint At FOSDEM 2020

Location, Date


Please add your name on the MiniDebCamp page - DebianEvents/be/2020/MiniDebCamp


We'll work further on improving the DebConf video infrastructure.

Hardware list

  • enough to train on how to setup a room for a minidebconf:
    • video mixing PC + screen
    • video cameras
    • tripods
    • turbot + opsis hdmi capture combo
    • space permitting, audio mixing desk
    • space permitting, microphones
    • assorted cables and network equipment
  • our various HDMI capture cards (opsis and netv2 boards) to run tests on them

Bursary List

If you need Debian funding please add your name to the list with the amount required before 18 December 2019.

  1. Paulo Santana - 1,300 Euros [DPL approval: https://lists.debian.org/debconf-video/2020/01/msg00001.html]

  2. NicolasDandrimont - 500 Euros [DPL approval: https://lists.debian.org/debconf-video/2020/01/msg00005.html]



the sprint has been possible thanks to: