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 * Thomas Stringer (thomas.stringer@microsoft.com)

Debian Cloud Sprint

Location, Date

  • when: 2019-10-14 (Monday) till 2019-10-16 (Wednesday)
  • where: Cambridge/Boston, MA, "Star" seminar room building 32, Stata Center


(tentative/final list of participants here before/after the sprint)


(tentative/final agenda here before/after the sprint)

  • Official account status and user management
  • Image finder: deployment, code and database review)
    • Publishing to Open Stack providers
  • Building images (go through all steps from debian-cloud-image repo commit to publishing it)
    • Salsa workflow and CI setup
    • Live testing of images on cloud providers' infrastructure
    • Better directory layout on cdimage.debian.org/images/cloud/
  • Package mirrors on cloud provider CDNs


(pointers to communication about the sprint)

  • announcement: (e.g. link to lists.d.o archives)
  • report: (e.g. link to lists.d.o archives)
  • other:
  • other:
  • ...


the sprint has been possible thanks to:

Former Cloud Team Sprints