Python3 brainstorming at DebCamp17/DebConf17

Location, Date


(please go ahead and add yourself to the list if you plan to join us for the sprint)


Work towards the goal to get almost everything done with Python3 for the upcoming buster release; and get Debian's infrastructure moved to Python3. Python2's end of life is decided to be at ?PyCon 2020.

Previous work (outdated):

Bug Filings

All bugs should be filed with user and user tag python3. In addition, tags are used for the following categories of bugs:

xzcat /var/cache/apt-cacher-ng/debrep/dists/unstable/main/source/Sources.xz  | grep-dctrl -e -F Binary '(^| )python-' -s Package,Binary | grep-dctrl -v -e -F Binary '(^| )python3-' -s Package

Bug reports filed for packages which don't have Python3 report upstream, should not be closed as won't fix, but tagged with python3-not-upstream. At some point in the future these become candidates for archive removal.



The sprint has been possible thanks to: