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 4. Steps towards an RM bug for DebPkg:emacs24.

pkg-emacsen @ DebConf17

Location, Date

  • when: TBC, probably during DebCamp rather than DebConf

  • where: TBC, plus #debian-emacs


(please go ahead and add yourself to the list if you plan to join us for the sprint)

  • David Bremner <bremner>

  • Rob Browning <rlb>

  • Sean Whitton <spwhitton>

  • Nicholas D Steeves <sten-guest>

Agenda ideas

This meeting is intended to be both a discussion/brainstorming session, and a sprint.

Things to discuss

  1. Possible team or co-maintenance models for the packaging of GNU Emacs itself.
  2. Any work needed on emacsen-common infrastructure and policy?

Outstanding work to sprint

  1. Lintian tag for addons not using dh-elpa (mainly to deter against any new ones being uploaded)
  2. MBF against addons not using dh-elpa
  3. Preparing and submitting proposed NMUdiffs for addons not using dh-elpa, making them use dh-elpa (our team's release goal for buster)
  4. Steps towards an RM bug for emacs24.


  • announcement: TBC
  • report: TBC


The sprint has been possible thanks to: