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 * report: TBC  * report: https://spwhitton.name/blog/entry/debconf17_reports/
 * minutes: https://pkg-emacsen.alioth.debian.org/meetings/dc17 [if link is broken, please wait]

pkg-emacsen @ DebConf17

Location, Date

  • when: Wednesday 2nd August
  • where: Jardin intérieur, plus #debian-emacs


(please go ahead and add yourself to the list if you plan to join us for the sprint)

  • David Bremner <bremner>

  • Rob Browning <rlb>

  • Sean Whitton <spwhitton>

  • Nicholas D Steeves <sten-guest>

  • Lev Lamberov <dogsleg> (NB: will try to join via IRC if the meeting time will be suitable for me)

Agenda ideas

This meeting is intended to be both a discussion/brainstorming session, and a sprint.

Things to discuss

  1. Possible team or co-maintenance models for the packaging of GNU Emacs itself.
  2. Any work needed on emacsen-common infrastructure and policy?

Outstanding work to sprint

  1. Preparing NMUdiffs for addons not using dh-elpa (if Lintian is still churning, can extract from /srv/lintian.debian.org/logs on lindsay.debian.org -- lintian.log is current state and a process actively checking packages will log to lintian.log-XXXXXX)

    • This is our team's release goal for buster
    • This includes figuring out breaking up emacs-goodies-el.
  2. It might be worth writing a dh-make-elpa subcommand to automatically transition a package to use dh-elpa
  3. Steps towards an RM bug for emacs24.

  4. Triage of bugs against emacs24 and/or emacs25
  5. Recent dh-elpa feature request: 869509



The sprint has been possible thanks to: