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It probably makes sense to use DebianPts:gobby for working on the draft text. It probably makes sense to use DebianPackage:gobby for working on the draft text.

Debian Policy Sprint at DebCamp 2017

Location, Date

  • when: DebCamp 2017, day TBC

  • where: TBC, and #debian-policy


  • Sean Whitton <spwhitton> (policy editor)

  • Russ Allbery <rra> via IRC (policy editor)


We've two goals. Sprint participants can work on either.

(1) Clear backlog of uncontroversial changes to Policy

We want to clear the backlog of uncontroversial changes to Policy, which makes up the greater part of bugs filed against debian-policy. They are each at different stages of the PolicyChangesProcess, but it would not take much to get them moved along and committed to the debian-policy git repo.

Bringing this key part of our documentation up-to-date would save lots of volunteer time across Debian. There will be a policy editor physically present at the sprint, with commit access to the debian-policy git repo, and at the end of DebConf we plan a "special edition" release of Policy, closing as many of these uncontroversial bugs as we can. How many can we close? :)

(2) Draft text for "big ticket" Policy updates

Debian Policy does not document the following important parts of Debian. We want to bring together both those who already understand these mechanisms, and those who are new to them, to produce concise and useful explanations of our preexisting best practices.

  • the current state of init systems (835520)

    • systemd
  • multiarch
  • dpkg triggers
    • replace various obsolete recommendations to use postinst maintscripts

It probably makes sense to use gobby for working on the draft text.


  • announcement: TBC
  • report: TBC


The sprint has been possible thanks to: