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 * Helen Koike (attending remotely)  * Helen Koike

Debian Cloud Sprint 2017

Location, Date

  • When: October 16 - 18, 2017
  • Where: Microsoft, Bellevue, WA USA

We have currently reserved some meeting space located on the 15th floor of the "Lincoln Square" building in Bellevue, Washington. The Microsoft receptionist is also on the 15th floor. The room ID/number is "LS/15100-Meydenbauer".

Address: 700 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

We will have coffee/tea/water, breakfast and lunch will be on site provided by Microsoft. Please email stephen.zarkos@microsoft.com for any dietary requirements (as soon as possible please).

Suggested hotels


Hotels closer to Redmond:

?MarcinKulisz is co-ordinating Debian sponorship for travel and accommodation for the sprint.

LucaFilipozzi indicates that AirBnB is not particularly cheaper, on a per-person basis assuming doubling up at a hotel, than the least expensive hotels such as La Residence Suite Hotel.


Please add your name below and indicate if you will be attending in person:

Travel coordination (from/to airport)


Arrival date and time

Arrival Flight

Origin Airport

Departure date and time

Departure flight

Departure destination airport


15th, 19:33

BA1881 (operated by AA)


18th, 19:15




Full agenda TBD.

The goal of this event will be to resolve some of the open issues that were discussed at our cloud sprint last year and the Cloud BoF at Debconf17 ( Video, Summary)).

We also want to get more work done on the plans we agreed last year - there's still a lot of ideas waiting to be implemented.

For reference, please take a look at SteveMcIntyre's excellent sprint report from last year: https://lists.debian.org/debian-cloud/2016/11/msg00100.html and the summary of the Cloud Team BoF at DC17

IRC: #debian-cloud

Skype or Google Hangout

Might Signal Private Messenger be a better alternative to Skype or Google Hangout?