Mailinglists for collaborative maintenance

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Discussion summary

The following thoughts were exchanged during the sprint:

Possible migration of Alioth mailing lists to lists.d.o

Listmasters are willing to have some more lists on, but not all that are currently on alioth.

Lists may be granted on request based on the following requirements:

New lists will have common list settings - open list, free subscription, open archives.

Every list owner needs to request a list manually. There will be no automatic migration.

TODO: can we prepare an automation for importing existing lists (archive + subscribers; no settings) from alioth? <- formorer said there are some scripts (procedural descriptions) already

Migration tasks

Howto proposals

== Migrate mailinglists from alioth == [n] TODO - prepare actual wording for the notification of discontinuation of list service

recipients: * alioth accounts with project admin rights * mailing lists owners (yes, they might be different and the latter not aware of alioth at all)

TODO: "is my list eligible for migration on l.d.o ?"

The lists eligible for migration must follow the requirements outlined on the "How to ask a mailing list" guide ( The process is also the same as outlined on the guide.

That is to say, the list is expected to be useful, to have a purpose and an audience. A public discussion or support list is probably OK, but commits or bug notifications should use the dedicated features of gitlab instead, and if you're interested in a package's bug, you're expected to subscribe to it using the BTS features.

Short version: file a bug on the pseudo-package with the severity 'wishlist', with the following information:

List migrated from Alioth are expected to be open, that is:

Please state explicitly, whether or not you want the archive and/or the subscribers to be imported for you. This will avoid additional communication overhead.

If you do want the archive to be imported in your new mailing list, please:

If you want the subscriber from the old-list to be subscribed in the new list, send the list along with your request.

Also, please understand that the requirements and features for lists on aren't the same as for a mailing list on Alioth, and the listmaster might reject your request. cannot replace all mailing lists and aliases on Alioth.

Mailinglists on new development platform

For communication within a packaging team or with users you may want to create a mailing list on See the howto for requesting a new mailing list:

Legacy "commit" or "bug" mailinglists are superseded by the respective notifications within the development platform.

Footnote: the number of different list types was determined with the following filtering:

list_lists | sed 1d | awk '{print $1}' | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]' | grep -- - | sed 's/^.*-//' | sed 's/^user$/users/; s/^commit$/commits/; s/^dev$/devel/; s/^maint$/maintainers/; s/^changes$/commits/; s/^team$/maintainers/; s/^maintainer$/maintainers/; s/^vcs$/commits/; s/^cvs$/commits/; s/^cvslog/commits/; s/^scm$/commits/; s/^developers$/devel/; s/^pkgs$/packages/; s/^group$/maintainers/' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n