Reproducible Builds Sprint

Location, Date


We invited participants from the following projects:

Android, Arch Linux, baserock, Bazel, ChromeOS, coreboot, Debian, F-Droid, Facebook Buck, Fedora, FreeBSD, Google, Guardian Project, Guix, Github, Homebrew, LEDE, ?MacPorts, NetBSD, NixOS, ?OpenWrt, Qubes OS, RedHat, SUSE, TAILS, Tor, Ubuntu, Whonix, Yocto.

We expect 60-80 participants from 25-30 projects. (The first+last summit had 40 participants from 15 projects.)

This meeting will be publically announced, though due to space + budget + mental bandwidth considerations, we will have to be selective about whom we will accept as participant.


The meeting is also timed to occur just before the coming Debian 9/stretch freeze, which should hopefully help us to coordinate some needed work there.


To be doneā€¦


the sprint has been possible thanks to: