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   * [[https://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2015/09/msg00003.html|debian-perl archive]]    * [[https://lists.debian.org/debian-perl/2016/07/msg00005.html|debian-perl archive]]

Debian Perl Group Rolling Sprint at DebCamp

Location, Date

  • When: DebCamp, 2016-06-23 - 2016-07-01

  • Where: UCT, Cape Town, South Africa








gregor herrmann



26 June - 1 July


Salvatore Bonaccorso



28 June - 1 July





22 June - 1 July


This event is conducted as a "Rolling Sprint", i.e. it's not about a fixed amount of people sitting in a room for a fixed number of days but an event that extends over the whole DebCamp period with the opportunity for people to "hop on" and "hop off" for one or more days. This makes it easier for interested parties who are new to the Debian Perl Group and also for participants who have more plans for DebCamp than one single area of work.

The daily schedule of the "Rolling Sprint" will be:

  • A daily coordination meeting after lunch, where people coordinate the work for this day;
  • people working on their selected tasks over the day, alone, in pairs, in groups;
  • a progress report at the next meeting to summarize and document the results.

The first real day of the sprint will be when at least 2 participants are there to meet after breakfast :)


Infrastructure-wise the "Rolling Sprint" doesn't need a dedicated room, just some place to sit for the morning meetings and space for individual work.

Place and time for the meetings will be announced later.


Work items from pkg-perl OpenTasks, and unfinished tasks from the Debian Perl Group Sprint in Zurich.

Potential items include:

  • Perl 5.24 transition

  • (./) Go through autopkgtest and reproducible build problems.

  • (./) RC bugs / package removals?

  • (!) Upgrade to new upstream releases.

  • (./) dh-make-perl: open bugs, new features.

  • (./) pkg-perl-tools: script improvements, e.g. update remote upstream-repo

  • (./) 2nd try: switch repackaging framework from repack.{stub,local,sh} to uscan's Files-Excluded.

  • (./) Check for https:// in debian/*.

  • Additions to lintian vendor profile in pkg-perl-tools.
  • (./) Yearly repo cleanup (remove packages from Git that were injected but never finished for upload).

  • (./) Update subscription to pkg-perl packages in launchpad.

  • Update alternative (build) dependencies in packages.
  • (!) Send mail to inactive project members on alioth (find-inactive-contributors script).

  • <add your items here>

(!) ongoing work || (./) done || <!> looked at and cancelled


There's a place for docs on our website, exported from the website git repo.

During the sprint we will again take notes in gobby (gobby.debian.org → Teams → Perl → Team-Sprint-Debcamp-2016).



The sprint has been possible thanks to: