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= Debian Cloud Sprint = = Debian Cloud Sprint 2016 =

Debian Cloud Sprint 2016

Location, Date

  • when: November 2-4, 2016
  • where: Google, Seattle, WA USA


Please note if you are attending remotely via Hangouts. We will have a live Hangouts session running the whole time.


Debian In The Cloud

  • What does it mean to run in a cloud environment.
  • In depth look at how Debian runs in major clouds (AWS, Azure, GCE... etc)
  • Look into different build processes of different image types (maybe short presentations)
  • Define an official Debian cloud image.
  • Introspect the various image build tools and whittle the list down.
  • Versioning 'Cloud Images' and critical hols patching policy (example: dirty CoW, heartblead, etc)
  • Ideally, come to consensus on many of the open ended issues that have been talked about at DebConf and on the debian-cloud list.

(tentative/final agenda here before/after the sprint)


(pointers to communication about the sprint)

Group Photo