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 * Minutes of meeting: https://titanpad.com/a2vSUuZMR

DebConf orga team Sprint

Location, Date

  • when: 2015-08-13 16:00
  • where: Heidelberg (DebCamp), Room "Amsterdam"


  • DLange
  • madduck
  • Tassia (or another DC Chair)
  • Ganneff
  • nkukard
  • indiebio


  • Openly discuss team structure, roles and friction
  • Define mutual expectations
  • Define common ground and re-assess Goals

  • Agree on communication requirements and individual vs. collective areas of decision making

DC Chairs comments: we can use this meeting to discuss our ideas, since communication is usually easier in person than remotely. Though we expect that important discussions will be taken to debconf-team mailing list. No big decision should be taken during an in-person meeting where many of the involved people may not be able to attend (including many orga people busy with DC15 tasks).

Comment from pre-discussions: the DebConf documentation effort currently underway will solve some perceived issues and provide a better basis for discussion for others.

Second sprint (time tbd. if first one works out)

  • Recap teams re-org
  • Discuss and improve DebConf organisational structure

  • General timeline

Reading list



the sprint has been possible thanks to: