Debian Emacs Addons packaging sprint

Debian has its own emacs add-on packaging tools, contained in the Debian package emacsen-common. These predate the official support in GNU Emacs for packages (although I guess not the package support in XEmacs). Since the release of GNU Emacs 24.1, a large ecosystem of third party packages has grown up: marmalade, the smaller of the two main ones has over 1000 packages in it.

We probably don't need all of these packages in Debian, but we do need a way to keep the most important ones up to date in Debian, and deal with the fact that these depend on several other small packages (much like CPAN).

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- work on dh-elpa

- work on a dh-make-perl analogue tool to generate skeleton debian packaging (including dependencies) for elpa packages.

- think about existing emacsen-common infrastructure, and to what extent (if any) the byte compilation process on Debian can be simplified.



the sprint has been possible thanks to: