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 * (./) Discuss getting GNOME back as the default desktop environment in August ([[http://titanpad.com/gnomedefault]])  * (./) Discuss getting GNOME back as the default desktop environment in August ([[attachment:gnomedefault.html]])
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 * notepad: http://titanpad.com/s-gsprintchangelog  * notepad: [[attachment:s-gsprintchangelog.html]]

systemd / GNOME Sprint

Location, Date

  • when: 25-27 April 2014
  • where: INUITS/Design is Dead (1st floor), Duboisstraat 50, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium


  • Michael Biebl (systemd, GNOME)
  • Laurent Bigonville (GNOME)
  • Marco d'Itri (udev, systemd)
  • Stéphane Graber (Ubuntu)

  • Andreas Henriksson (GNOME)
  • Jordi Mallach (GNOME)
  • Josselin Mouette (GNOME)
  • Martin Pitt (Ubuntu)
  • Emilio Pozuelo (GNOME)
  • Sjoerd Simons (GNOME)
  • Michael Stapelberg (systemd)
  • Tollef Fog Heen (systemd)


  • Work on systemd migration issues
  • Help integrate systemd units in pending packages, decide which packages we consider important to have native systemd support in jessie
  • (./) Define how the default display manager is started under Debian. See related work in Fedora

  • Packaging guidelines for maintainers. Improve https://wiki.debian.org/systemd/Packaging

  • (./) Finally decide about gitpkg vs. git-buildpackage branches

  • Debian policy needs to be updated for systemd, file a bug, get the discussion started, work on the text
  • standalone logind post v204, future of systemd-shim
  • (./) update to v208 in exp, work on v212 (coordinate transition wrt merged libsystemd libraries, systemd-networkd and persistent interface naming)

  • (./) insserv support (merge openSUSE patch for insserv generator)

  • ifupdown / network.target integration
  • (./) Move from Debian specific udev rules to upstream ones

  • (./) Review Ubuntu systemd/udev delta, cherrypick interesting bits

  • power management, get affected packages/DEs updated for the new Inhibit interface

  • (./) GNOME packaging work & bug triage

  • (./) GNOME fast user switching integration

  • (./) pkg-gnome git migration

  • (./) What GNOME version to ship for jessie (3.12 or 3.14?)

  • (./) Moving a new GNOME to unstable. Can we improve the process?

  • (./) Provide a pkg-gnome semi-official repository to easy install of our latest packaged version while it waits in experimental

  • (./) GNOME Backports to stable. Is that even possible?

  • (./) Discuss getting GNOME back as the default desktop environment in August (gnomedefault.html)

  • (./) bluez 5?

  • (./) key signing!

  • (./) Wayland

  • (./) Multiarch and GIR

Travel and accomodation


Arrival time

Departure time


Room mate

sponsorship required (amount)

Laurent Bigonville

Fri evening or Sat morning


Josselin Mouette

Fri 14:20 (Brussels)

Sun 19:15 (Brussels)

Condo gardens

Sponsored by EDF

Michael Biebl

Fri 14:13 Antwerp Centraal (train)

Sun 17:38

Condo gardens

Martin Pitt

yes (330 EUR)

Marco d'Itri

Fri early afternoon from BRU

Sun 18.45 (BRU)

Condo gardens

Martin Pitt

Fri 15:30 Antwerp Centraal (train)

Sun evening (train)

Condo gardens

Michael Biebl


Emilio Pozuelo Monfort

Fri 14:50 (BRU)

Mon 15:20 (BRU)

Condo gardens


yes (208€ flight + 22€ train + 89€ hotel)

Jordi Mallach

Fri 14:50 Brussels National

Mon 15:40 Brussels National

Condo Gardens


yes (376.40€: 265€ flight + 22.40€ train + 89€ hotel)

Andreas Henriksson

Fri 18:30 (Ant. Rail Station)

Sun 18:30 (Ant. Rail Station)

Condo gardens

Michael Stapelberg

yes (flight+train: 446 eur, hotel: 129 eur)

Michael Stapelberg

Fri 19:30 (BRU)

Sun 15:00 (BRU)

Condo gardens

Andreas Henriksson

yes (200 EUR flight + 25 EUR train + 125 EUR hotel)

Sjoerd Simons

Friday afternoon (by car)


Condo gardens




(pointers to communication about the sprint)


the sprint has been possible thanks to:

  • donations to the Debian project

  • INUITS, for providing our venue in Antwerp

  • The employers of some attendees, for sponsoring their travel expenses