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= DebianMed 2015 Sprint =

== Location, Date ==

 * when: 30/01/15, 02/02/15
 * where: Saint Malo, France


Dates are not yet confirmed, I have to check and visit the hotel first.
The candidate Hotel is the [[http://www.hotel-restaurant-arterranova.fr/|Ar Terra Nova]] which has a restaurant room that could be used for the sprint with wifi access. Not too far from the old town (2km) and the beach... Single ou twin rooms avialable. Many other hotels are available in town if there is not enough room for everyone.

== Participants ==

(tentative/final list of participants here before/after the sprint)

== Agenda ==

(tentative/final agenda here before/after the sprint)

== Reports ==

(pointers to communication about the sprint)

 * announcement: (e.g. link to lists.d.o archives)
 * report: (e.g. link to lists.d.o archives)
 * other:
 * other:
 * ...

== Acknowledgements ==

the sprint has been possible thanks to:

 * [[http://www.debian.org/donations|donations]] to the Debian project
 * The [[http://www.irisa.fr/dyliss/|Dyliss]] and [[http://www.irisa.fr/genscale|Genscale]] academic research teams from IRISA