There's a lot of other good content in the wiki, and to help expose some of it more, I've added a spotlight section to the FrontPage, that links to and briefly excerpts a page. We can change what page is spotlighted from time to time.

List good candidates for spotlighting here.

New spotlights:

Current spotlight:

SpotLight: DebianDay2008

Debian 2008 birthday events around the globe


SpotLight: ?TitleHere

Description here

Past spotlights:

SpotLight: WhyDebianForDevelopers

Is Debian Project a home for your programming skills?

SpotLight: WhereIsIt

This page explains where to find the various stuff contained in your debian distribution.

SpotLight: AptCLI

This page describes how to use various CLI (command line interface) Apt tools.

SpotLight: LocalGroups

Find a Debian user group near you.

SpotLight: DebianHosting

Several hosting providers can have a dedicated Debian server or services on a Debian server up and running for you within a matter of minutes, hours or days. This page lists providers of such services.

SpotLight: MultimediaCodecs

Many codecs for multimedia cannot be included in Debian. MultimediaCodecs tells where to get them.

SpotLight: ?DebianInstaller/Today

Installing Debian using daily builds of the installer? ?DebianInstaller/Today is used to track problems with installing Debian on a day-to-day basis.

SpotLight: TopicDebianDevel

Use testing or unstable and something broke or want to know what the Debian developers are worried about? TopicDebianDevel is an easy way to see the often useful topic of their irc channel.

SpotLight: SecureApt

Recently Debian's unstable and testing branches have begun to use strong crypto to validate downloaded packages. This is commonly called "secure apt" and was implemented in version 0.6. The SecureApt page explains in detail how secure apt works and how to use it.

SpotLight: WhyDebian

"Why Debian?", you may ask. Debian is another GNU/Linux distribution, and it is another Unix-like operating system. What makes it better than the rest? Why should I use Linux at all? WhyDebian explains all.

Feel free to swap one of these in for the current spotlight if it's not changed in a while and no new ones are available.