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Alcatel Speedtouch USB / Thompson Speedtouch 330

The Speedtouch 330 (previously known as the Speedtouch USB) is a basic dial-up high speed winmodem. In the United Kingdom, these modems are usually supplied by Internet broadband providers such as Karoo, Orange, Onetel and Tiscali.

Device Description

Although the Speedtouch 330 is used for ADSL Broadband Internet, it is actually a dial-up winmodem.

This modem has been classified as red band hardware, because it requires proprietary firmware to be loaded in order to operate the device. Because this device is a dial-up winmodem, it is necessary to install dial-up software and initiate a dial-up connection in order to connect to the Internet.

The device connects to the USB port of a computer and does not provide an Ethernet connection. The absence of an Ethernet interface also means that a Local Area Network (LAN) cannot be built using this modem, even with the use of a USB-capable router or a hub. As the device is USB-only, it does not directly connect to the user's LAN, granting connectivity to only one computer at a time. It does not have any built-in features such as IP routing, firewalling or Network Address Translation.

Compatibility Issues

The Speedtouch 330 is widely considered to be difficult to use, because it has undocumented firmware and requires a dialup script to be written. There are however a number of articles available on the Internet providing details on how to get the modem to work.


Each revision of the Speedtouch 330/USB hardware requires firmware for its operation. It may be necessary to provide a specific firmware version in order for the modem to operate correctly.

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