Debian Support

The Sparc-32 was supported in Debian since Slink (released on March 09th, 1999). It 's likely that Debian/Lenny won't support Sparc32 (Sparc64 will still be supported).

Therefore, Debian support for Sparc-32 should be dropped when Etch support is dropped, i.e around S2-2009 (according to etch current roadmap).

The Keep Sparc32 Alive Page

The main problem with sparc32 is that there are no Linux kernel maintainers. This problem absolutely needs to be addressed if there should be continued support for Debian GNU/Linux on 32 bit Sparc machines.

Mailing lists: There is the debian-sparc mailing list, or the (not debian specific) list at

Since the kernel is not Debian specific, searching for other Sparc32 linux distributions might be interesting, too. (There was a page on Wikipedia for a few days, but it was deleted.)