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 [[Sound]] >> SoundCard
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---- Debian Support many Sound ''card'' by default (PCI, USB, FireWire...). Those list may help:
 * PCI, see [[HowToIdentifyADevice/PCI]] and [[DeviceDatabase/PCI]]
 * USB, see [[HowToIdentifyADevice/USB]] and [[DeviceDatabase/USB]]
 * !FireWire, see ''??'', [[FireWire]]

__See Also__:
 * [[SoundConfiguration|How to configure sound system]]
 * [[ALSA]]
 * [[OSS]]
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 * [[ALSA]]
 * [[DebianSound|How to configure sound system]]
 * [[OSS]]
 * [[Sound]]
 * [[SoundConfiguration]]

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(!) ?/Discussion

A sound card is a computer expansion card that can input and output sound under program control.

Debian Support many Sound card by default (PCI, USB, ?FireWire...). Those list may help:

See Also:


Supported Device Lists