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  * [[https://release.debian.org/release-calendar.ics|Release team calendar]]


This page is about software and a potential service for aggregating details of social events, meetings and conferences from different sources. The DebianEvents page provides details about specific events in the Debian community.


There are already a number of calendar sites, why is something more useful?

  • aggregating a larger amount of data into a single database while allowing users to focus on the events most meaningful to them
  • helping people discover new events that they would never have discovered through their existing communities
  • helping leaders in the community take the free software message to more generic events and reach a wider audience
  • helping people identify events that fit with their travel plans or goals
  • promoting cultural exchange
  • helping GSoC and Outreachy interns find meaningful events they can attend without losing a week of their project on visa bureaucracy

Sources of data about events

Useful attributes for events




Call for papers deadline

Registration deadline

Bursary deadline

Type of bursary offered

e.g. general, diversity, speaker, volunteer, ...

Code of Conduct


Entrance fees

Booths/table/exhibition space exists

Booths/table/exhibition space deadline

Streaming URL

Post-event video archive URL

URL of detailed event calendar (list of talks, workshops)

Scraping data about events

What tools exist for scraping event data from sites like Meetup and Facebook?

Are there browser plugins for this purpose?

Are there web crawlers that can do this?

Are there web crawlers for finding events through search engines?

How can third parties annotate event data?

Assuming that some sites don't provide a mechanism for third-parties to edit or improve their data, complementary systems can be developed to store meta-data submitted by third parties unrelated to the event organizer.

  • Reviews of events
  • Tagging events
  • Recommending events
  • Suggested third party bursaries

Outputs from the event data aggregation project

  • Building a database of aggregated event data
  • Web site for querying an events database
  • (personalized) iCalendar feeds with events
  • (personalized) iCalendar feeds with CfP, bursary and booth deadlines as VTODO items

  • Making shortlists of events (e.g. 10 biggest free software events in Europe, 10 best free software events for job seekers)

Making it happen

Potential work items for volunteers

  • Improving this wiki page
  • Data sources
    • Reviewing the CMS plugins to find out which is best
    • Extending the CMS plugins to support more structured data (e.g. a field for bursary deadline)
    • Writing new CMS plugins (e.g. for Discourse, it doesn't appear to have a plugin yet)
    • Writing web crawlers or scraping tools to extract event data from other sites and transform it into iCalendar files
    • Helping communities add the plugins to their web sites and start using them effectively