The first version of the Debian Social Contract was ratified on July 5, 1997. On July 5, 2007, ten years later, there will be some celebration. If you want to participate by arranging something, please add info to this page.

The distributed parts of the celebration can use's #debian-party.

In Finland, there's going to be a distributed pancake party: pancakes made and eaten at the same time in several locations, with discussion over IRC.

In Helsinki, Finland, there will be pancakes (at 18:00 (local time) at Lars Wirzenius (Leenankuja 2 F 49, Matinkylä, Espoo; e-mail for questions and info about the door code), and beers after 21 in the Kaisla bar (Vilhonkatu 4, near the central railway station).

In Kouvola, Finland also pancakes at 18:00; further info in Finnish. Osote on Tolkkilankatu 10 a 22, Kouvolassa, ja voisipa laittaa saapujat etukäteen infoa jos on kettään tulossa. Ja mailiin voi ottaa yhteyttä.

In Hamburg, Germany (almost Denmark), there will be pancakes (at 18:00 (local time) at Holger Levsen's place (mail me for street address).

In Hildesheim, Germany (not as Denmark as Hamburg), we'll have pancakes at 20:00 (local time, slight delay due to late lecture at uni) at alphascorpii's and Tolimar's place. Ask for details if you want to join.

In Dallas, Texas (not even vaugely Denmark), there will be pancakes all day from when we arrive (at 10:00 (local time) at the Brainfood Worldwide Headquarters (4153 Commerce Street, across from Fair Park). Beer will be served (with pancakes) after 18:00. We will also provide syrup. At 21:00 we will adjourn to the Amsterdam Bar across the street and continue to cook pancakes. E-mail for any additional questions.

In Mexico City (Den... who?), we will make pancakes (at 21:00, local time) at our place, mail if you want to join us!

In the South of Mexico City (maybe as far away from Denmark as possible?), those of us who didn't check with the Wiki met also around 21:00 to have some pancakes. Well, hotcakes, to he honest - not exactly the same, not as fresh or as good, but still :)

On #debian-devel (a virtual Denmark?) there will be virtual pancakes all day, some even on bunnies. This is a BYOB event.

And we might even do something in Copenhagen, Denmark. There has been talk about Ølbaren but no pancakes yet. E-mail