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The Small Organisation Server is a work in progress towards a Debian Blend targeted at Small Organisations, such as clubs, with minimal technical knowledge. It is intended to be installed on a hosted server, and used and administered through a web interface. The administrator should not require a detailed understanding of DNS records, Firewall rules, ports etc)

Target Users

A sample group of users is The Ambridge Garden Club, but the distibution should be accessible and useful to

Software Choices


These underlie the other components



Source and current status

The current status is very early, and fluid, but there is a project page

The Debian package built from this project is still very basic, does install, but configuration has to be done by editing configuration files, and currently expects an LDAP server which the package does not yet configure.


If I may suggest, private people are low on resources, thus being more happy to use nginx (or thttpd) instead of apache, and /etc/passwd|group|shadow (instead of slapd) (distributing them automatically, if multiple machines) maybe using: (i'm working on packaging it still), but maybe that is just my personal opinion. Also having something easy with DNS would be nice, wouldn't it? For openssh-server I've also found dropbear* and/or tinysshd a great lightweight alternative. And instead of wordpress with PHP, i'd go with something like markdown/pandoc with static pages or anything without php. (anyone interested to discuss things on irc?)