integration into alioth - aka, how easy is it to integrate the already existing identity data (which we want to keep) into the system.

OAUTH2 and LDAP supported by gitlab. DACS setup Alexander Wirt: I wrote a minimal exporter for user information (no group or acl information) that gets synced to the dacs host. That enables dacs enabled services to use these information. Please keep in mind that dacs is not available for non dsa enabled hosts.

Groups and permissions

mapping groups and permissions from alioth to the new system

Fusionforge also uses a similar group based permission system. Okay, there is this (hacked in?) "allow every DD to write" permission that some groups use, which is only supported by gitlab EE. We got to ask Gitlab Inc if they will include this feature in CE. Alexander Wirt: Alioth uses some role based model where specific permissions get mapped to (pre-)defined roles. We will never be able to get that into a different system et al. My current plans are limited to group information and admin flags. Everything else will need to get redefined by the admins to the specific system. I am also not very keen on using a system with a "open core / enterprise" model. For such a crucial service I would really prefer a real open source system. But maybe I am alone with that oppinion.

Git hooks

allow a list of reviewed hooks to get used by users

I would call included services like email notification some sort of hook. And everything else can run external as webhook with the added feature that it is not longer specific to alioth.