The ShowMeBox is a proposal for a computer with a purpose in connection with DebConf 2016 in Cape Town. This is the page where questions about the project can be asked and fleshed out. At this stage (Sept 2015) it is an unordered list.

General questions

What is the AIM of the ShowMeBox?

Two fold:

  1. Technical: promoting Debian and the art of open data analytics
  2. Social: (why should people enter the competition, what's in it for them?)

What is the REACH of the ShowMeBox for DebConf2016?

  1. Geographically
  2. By numbers reached (knowing that this will not lead to 100% conversion into uptake)
  3. By number of boxes possible to produce

People to possibly contact:

i. In terms of giving leads to contact further, or facilitate direct engagement:

ii. Direct engagement envisaged:

Data Science Tutorial stage



Currently happening in, should we make our own channel? Pro of a big channel: can get more people interested, Con: stuff gets lost in the noise

definitely an 'I'm interested, sign me up for when more info becomes available'

Other sponsors

Project timeline


September: Planning phase: sponsors, contacts, box development, software packaging, jury

October: Development phase: Box ready, software, promotion material, website, Q&A

November: Campaign phase: Prints, campaign kick-off and follow-up, sign-up, support

December: Implementation phase: Distribution, support

-April: Competition phase: participants' deadline. Support

May: Revision phase: Time enough for practical arrangements for the winning teams? Is DebConf in the middle of exams?

June: DebConf: hosting, project presentations

July: Aftermath phase: online hosting