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The ShowMeBox is a competition that uses software and open source hardware to visualize data relevant to the participants. It is designed to promote Debian and the art of open data analytics.


Competition structure


Technical requirements


No, you can enter this competition even if you have never coded before.

Yes, you may ask for mentoring and we will try to provide mentoring opportunities throughout. Please remember to acknowledge your mentors!


No, the competition is aimed at people who may not have the necessary machine to do data visualisation, the ShowMeBox is provided for this purpose.

Yes, you are welcome to enter using your own machine(s), as long as it runs Debian.


Yes, you are free to use any programming language of your choice for analysis and visualisation, as long as it is available in Debian. Same goes for libraries. * During DebConf16, the ShowMeBox Development Team will be on site during the tournament to help out should you face any issues.

Showcase your work at DebConf16

Information Art Exhibition


Travel and Accommodation


General questions

Terms and Conditions

Competition Rules